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Blackfire Interior Protectant

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Blackfire Interior Protectant is a product that has surprised us somewhat. As a dressing and protectant for plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces it is nothing out of the ordinary, i.e. it is a thin liquid that you wipe on evenly and leave to dry naturally. In this roll it performs well and produces very pleasant results. However, if you are used to using thicker, creamier products to condition your leather, when you first use Blackfire Interior Protectant to do so you may feel that something is amiss. If this is the case, stick with it; if you do, you'll discover that it delivers fantastic results on modern leather surfaces too. This is because most modern leather surfaces are coated with a very thin, fully transparent, vinyl clearcoat, which means that they are relatively unabsorbent and unable to be fed or conditioned in the same way that traditional uncoated leather can be. Accordingly, thinner, water-based products like Blackfire Interior Protectant actually deliver far better results, and we think that you will be very pleasantly surprised if you give it a try.
Blackfire Interior Protectant is one of the most technologically advanced interior protectants available on the market today. The unique water-based formula contains no oils, alcohol or petroleum distillates and is pH neutral. Blackfire Interior Protectant functions as a multi-surface protectant for all interior surfaces (with the exception of fabrics and napped leathers such as suede). After each application, a microscopic moisture barrier remains on the surface to protect against perspiration stains and help retard UV-induced fading. What makes this possible is a newly developed polymer that protects and conditions interior materials under neutral pH conditions. This polymer has been micro-engineered to function as both a protectant and a conditioner, and has been fortified with Polycharger technology to ensure excellent durability. Blackfire Interior Protectant dries quickly to leave a non-greasy dark satin sheen that does not attract dust.
For best results, spray Blackfire Interior Protectant onto a Meguiar's Microfibre Applicator Pad and then wipe down the surfaces to be protected lightly and evenly before allowing them to dry naturally. Do not be tempted to over-apply the product or buff the protected surfaces once dry; neither action is necessary, and both will result in a sub-standard finish.
Adds protection:Yes
UV protection:Yes
Shine level:Shine level 2/5
Interior Protectant - 591 ml
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