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Blackfire Wet Diamond All Metal Sealant

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Blackfire Wet Diamond All Metal Sealant is one of the best metal sealants currently on the market, and is perfect for protecting freshly polished exhaust tips and metal trims. It's incredibly easy to apply and buff off, and is able to withstand the worst of the British weather for upwards of three months per application. Blackfire Wet Diamond All Metal Sealant has featured in our go to collection of detailing products for many years now and, with the exception of some more recently released silica-based metal coatings, no other metal protectant we know of performs anywhere near as well. In summary, we rate Blackfire Wet Diamond All Metal Sealant very highly; it's very easy to use, durable, and helps to keep polished metal surfaces looking like new.
Blackfire Wet Diamond All Metal Sealant is a modified version of Blackfire Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection that protects polished metal surfaces against the harmful effects of road salt, bug splatter and UV radiation. It does this by laying down an ultra-slick barrier layer of acrylic particles and crystal super-polymers fortified with Polycharger technology (Polycharger is a chemical additive that bonds protective polymers together during the curing process to form a micro-film with greatly enhanced durability). This barrier layer sheds water effortlessly, offers a very high level of protection against the elements and typically lasts for a minimum of three months on a daily driver following a single application.
Blackfire Wet Diamond All Metal Sealant should be applied to freshly polished metal surfaces using a Blackfire Ultimate Applicator Pad. Only 1-2 drops of product are required per 6" x 6" area, and these should be applied as thinly and evenly as possible to produce a film that should then be left to dry fully (for up to 15 minutes) before being buffed off carefully using a PB Utility Towel.
Enhances gloss:Yes
Adds protection:Yes
Emits strong fumes:No
Application method:By hand only
Slickness:Slickness 4/5
Beading:Beading 3/5
Durability:3 months +
Recommended for:All polished metal surfaces
Wet Diamond All Metal Sealant - 473 ml
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