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Bilt Hamber micro-fine

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Bilt Hamber micro-fine is a pre-wax-cleaner with a difference, in that it perfectly prepares painted surfaces for protection, but also lays down a durable film of natural waxes (mainly carnauba). It is, therefore, more of an all in one polish and protectant than a pre-wax cleaner, but in contrast to its closest rivals, it doesn't lay down any fillers or glazing oils. This makes it an ideal choice for finishes that are already excellent condition, but not so good for those that need more work.

During use, Bilt Hamber micro-fine employs microscopic diminishing abrasives and gentle chemical cleaning agents to scrub away residual surface contaminants and draw out deep-seated grime from painted surfaces. It's impressive just how much dirt and grime it liberates from finishes that initially seem to be in excellent condition; even brand new applicator pads quickly become grubby looking, regardless or not whether a thorough decontamination process is performed first.

A further benefit of the beautifully smooth and detergent-resistant film laid down by Bilt Hamber micro-fine is the finish it gives, which is best described by a liquid-like level of glossiness, a terrific sense of depth and, on solid mid-tone colours, the most intense degree of colour pop imaginable. Summarising, Bilt Hamber micro-fine is an excellent all in one paint cleaner and protectant, and is ideal for preparing well maintained finishes for further layers of natural wax protection.
Bilt Hamber micro-fine is an all in one cleanser and protectant for paint finishes that are already in excellent condition. It comprises a unique combination of microscopic abrasives, chemical cleaning agents and natural waxes (predominantly carnauba) that combine to clean and condition the paint and lay down an incredibly deep, rich-looking film of natural paint protection.

As a result of being treated with Bilt Hamber micro-fine, paint finishes are visibly refreshed, with a noticeable increase in gloss. Furthermore, they not only look amazing, but they also become water hating (hydrophobic), which causes rainfall to bead up and roll off quickly. This not only looks good, but also tends to wash away fresh contaminants, giving a partial self-cleaning effect.

Bilt Hamber micro-fine normally offers up to three months of protection against the elements per application, but can be topped with any of the carnauba-based finishing waxes in the Bilt Hamber range (and other natural waxes too) if greater durability is required. The deep, rich, glossy-looking layer of protection also provides good protection against bird droppings, bug splatter, brake dust, road salt and UV radiation from the sun.
Bilt Hamber micro-fine can be applied equally well by hand or dual action machine. For best results by hand, it should be applied to freshly washed and decontaminated paint using either the supplied applicator pad or a Lake Country Hydro-Tech Polishing Hand Pad. Only 3-4 pea-sized drops of product are required per panel, and these should be worked in using light pressure to produce a film that should then be allowed to dry for several minutes. Once hazed over, this film should then be buffed off carefully using either the supplied buffing towel or a PB Super Buffing Towel.

For best results using a dual action polisher, Bilt Hamber micro-fine should be applied using either a Lake Country 140 mm Hydro-Tech Finishing Pad or a RUPES 150 mm Fine BigFoot Polishing Pad. Only 3-4 pea-sized drops of product are required per panel, and these should be worked in thoroughly at around 3000-4000 orbits per minute (speed 3-4 on most dual action machine polishers) until only a thin film remains. This film should then be left to haze over for several minutes before being buffed off using either the supplied buffing towel or a PB Super Buffing Towel.
Enhances gloss:Yes
Adds protection:Yes
Suitable for hand use:Yes
Suitable for dual action polishers:Yes
Suitable for rotary polishers:No
Suitable for soft paints:Yes
Suitable for intermediate paints:Yes
Suitable for hard paints:Yes
Contains abrasive particles:Yes
Diminishing type abrasives:Yes
Contains chemical cleaners:Yes
Contains fillers and glazing oils:No
Cut level:Cut level 1/10
Cleaning strength:Cleaning strength 3/5
Durability:2 months +
micro-fine - 500 ml (+ applicator + towel)
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