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Bilt Hamber hydra-wax

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Bilt Hamber hydra-wax is the result of out of the box thinking, and comprises a high quality carnauba wax that is applied and removed in liquid form. Bilt Hamber hydra-wax quickly and easily extends the durability of the protective wax-rich basecoat laid down by Bilt Hamber micro-fine and can be layered many times, because the absence of strong solvents in the formula means that each fresh application will not strip or degrade any coats already laid down. A further benefit of the resulting smooth and level wax-film laid down by Bilt Hamber hydra-wax is the finish it gives, which is best described as being characterised by a liquid-like level of glossiness and, on solid mid-tone colours, the most intense degree of colour pop imaginable. Also worth mentioning is that it remains fairly easy to use in cold, damp weather conditions, when paste waxes typically become unusable. As a niche product in our wax line up, it comes highly recommended for its ease of use.
Bilt Hamber hydra-wax is one of the most durable liquid waxes on the market, and is designed to offer a quick and easy way of achieving a concours winning shine at a modest price point. Unlike many paste waxes that contain a high concentration of carnauba, Bilt Hamber hydra-wax doesn't rely on strong solvents or heavy oils to make it easy to use. Instead, proprietary gloss enhancing spreading agents are used, which don't interfere with the carnauba content, and these enable a firmer, more durable wax-film to be laid down. So much so in fact, that Bilt Hamber hydra-wax is actually more detergent-resistant that most high-end paste waxes! And, because doesn't contain any abrasives, cleaners, colourants or perfumes, it can be layered many times, making it ideal for regular use if you enjoy topping up the protection on your car on a frequent basis.
Bilt Hamber hydra-wax should only be applied by hand. For best results, apply it to freshly polished paint two to three panels at a time and as thinly and evenly as possible using either the supplied applicator pad or a Meguiars Foam Applicator Pad. The resulting film should then be left to haze over for between 5-10 minutes before being carefully buffed off using either the supplied buffing towel or a PB Deluxe Buffing Towel; there is absolutely no need to allow the film to dry for longer before it is removed (if you do, youll find that it becomes a bit harder to buff off).
Adds protection:Yes
Application method:By hand only
Reflectivity:Reflectivity 3/5
Glossiness:Glossiness 5/5
Richness:Richness 5/5
Flake pop:Flake pop 3/5
Slickness:Slickness 4/5
Beading:Beading 4/5
Durability:3 months +
Recommended for:Warm colours & all flat/solid coloured finishes
hydra-wax - 500 ml (+ applicator + towel)
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(includes free applicator pad and buffing towel)
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