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Bilt Hamber auto-foam

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Pre-wash foaming has firmly established itself as an important first step in many detailers' wash routines, primarily because it helps to ensure that a lot of dirt and grime is removed before a wash mitt is placed on the car. The idea behind applying foam to your car before hand washing it is simple and the benefit is obvious. If you apply a blanket of detergent-rich foam to dirty surfaces and leave it to dwell for a while, it will progressively dissolve and suspend a lot of the dirt and grime. When you then rinse it off, much of the dirt and grime is simply washed away with it, leaving relatively clean surfaces behind. Clearly, the benefit is that the bulk of dirt removal is done before you actually touch your bodywork, which greatly reduces the risk of inflicting marring and fine scratches during the subsequent hand-washing step. However, does the foam need to be thick to work properly? Many people think so, most likely because thick clinging foam is visually impressive. However, the reality is that thinner foams often work just as well. Bilt Hamber auto-foam is one such example. It's thinner than many of its rivals, but it cleans every bit as well, and its effective strength can be adjusted by varying its dilution rate. It's different, but in a good way. Recommended!
Bilt Hamber auto-foam is a highly concentrated pre-wash foaming agent (snow foam) designed to dissolve and carry away a high proportion of dirt and grime in a completely touchless fashion. Although best suited to regular use and tackling relatively fresh contaminants, it is also powerful enough to tackle more persistent road films that have gone through multiple wetting and drying cycles and become more firmly bonded. The main ingredients in Bilt Hamber auto-foam are a blend of biodegradable and environmentally friendly surfactants, plus a powerful wetting agent. The latter is critical to the way Bilt Hamber auto-foam works, as it causes the bubbles in the foam to systematically burst as it moves over the car, enabling the surfactants to progressively soak and suspend the accumulated dirt and grime. As you might expect, this formula effectively lifts dirt and grime without stripping existing sealant or wax protection, and is safe for use on all exterior surfaces, including bare metals and other sensitive trims. After being left to dwell, Bilt Hamber auto-foam rinses away easily to leave all surfaces looking clean and streak free.
Bilt Hamber auto-foam is suitable for use in any foam gun or foam lance system, providing that a final dilution ratio of approximately 50:1 (water:product) can be achieved. With regard to the systems that we offer, the following advice applies: (i) for use in conjunction with a PB Foam Gun, remove the bottle lid and pour or pump approximately 400 ml of Bilt Hamber auto-foam into the bottom of the bottle, then fill the bottle to the top with hot water, refit the bottle lid and shake gently to mix the solution before finally attaching the foam gun your hose - then squeeze the trigger and adjust the top dial on the bottle lid until you get the desired foam thickness; (ii) for use in conjunction with a PA Foam Lance, remove the injector head and pour or pump approximately 200 ml of Bilt Hamber auto-foam into the bottom of the bottle, then fill the bottle to the top with hot water, refit the injector head and shake the whole assembly gently to mix the solution before finally attaching it to your pressure washer - then fire the washer up, and adjust the top dial on the injector head until you get the desired foam thickness. In both examples given above, you can safely double the amount of Bilt Hamber auto-foam used when tackling particularly dirty cars, or else halve it if only a light clean is needed.
pH:13 (alkaline)
Strips sealants and waxes:No
Suitable for pre-wash foaming:Yes
Light cleaning action:Yes
Recommended dilution ratio:50:1 (water:product)
auto-foam - 5 L
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