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Auto Finesse Verso

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If you only detail from time to time, buying trade-sized bottles of multi-purpose cleaner makes little sense, as you're unlikely to ever use it all up. That said, it's rare for products aimed at home enthusiasts to offer quite the same level of cleaning power as professional products. Auto Finesse Verso solves this conundrum by offering trade-strength performance in a small bottle; either use it neat for tougher tasks or dilute it down for milder duties.
Auto Finesse Verso is a concentrated multi-purpose cleaner designed for use inside and out. At higher strength dilutions it makes short work of filthy exterior trims and grimy engine bays, and also works wonders in dirty wheel arches and on tyres stained brown with neglect. At lower strength dilutions it makes light work of cleaning grubby plastic and vinyl interior surfaces, and can also be used to clean fabrics and carpets to great effect.
Auto Finesse Verso is a highly concentrated detergent, and must therefore be suitably diluted before use. For interior duties it should be diluted 10:1 (water:product), while for exterior duties it should be diluted between 5:1 and 2:1 (water:product). In all cases, an appropriately diluted solution should be either sprayed or wiped on and then agitated thoroughly with either detailing brushes or a towel before being rinsed or wiped off.
pH:10 (alkaline)
Dilutable:Yes (up to 10:1)
Agitation required:Yes
Strips sealants and waxes:Yes - Partially (partially)
Intensive cleaning action:Yes
Verso - 1 L
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