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Auto Finesse Total

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There's no doubt about it; the soft-touch plastics and synthetic fabrics found in many modern cars look great. However, they are often delicate and easily marked. It's therefore tempting to clean them more often, but this can result in further damage and frustration if overly strong chemicals are used. Auto Finesse Total eliminates this risk, because it's gentle yet effective formula is designed specifically for cleaning such surfaces.
Auto Finesse Total is a multi-purpose cleaner designed specifically for use on modern interior surfaces. It lifts away tough dirt and grime from trims and upholstery with ease, yet remains entirely safe to use on even the most delicate fabric and vinyl surfaces. The secret behind the balanced nature of its performance is a sophisticated blend of low foaming surfactants, which also make it pleasant and easy to work with.
For use on non-porous trims, Auto Finesse Total should be sprayed on to a PB Utility Towel and then wiped thoroughly over the surfaces to be cleaned before being allowed to dry naturally. For use on fabrics and carpets, Auto Finesse Total should be sprayed on, agitated gently using a PB Cleaning Brush, mopped up with a damp PB Utility Towel and the treated surfaces then left to dry naturally.
pH:11 (alkaline)
Agitation required:Yes
Light cleaning action:Yes
Safe for delicate materials:Yes
Total - 500 ml
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