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Auto Finesse Revolution

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Auto Finesse Revolution is a highly lubricated wheel soap that's more than capable of tackling light build ups of brake dust and road grime, yet it doesn't rely on strong chemicals to achieve this. This makes it ideal for regular use on sensitive rims, and in particular on show cars whose wheels are prone to marring easily (e.g. the polished lips on most split-rims). Furthermore, Auto Finesse Revolution doesn't strip wheel sealants, which makes it a great choice for use on much-loved daily drivers too. Other benefits include its thin consistency (once made up), which enables it to be worked into even very complex wheel designs with consummate ease, and its free-rinsing nature, which leaves rims and tyres both streak and spot free.
Auto Finesse Revolution is an advanced wheel soap concentrate comprising gentle wheel cleaning chemicals and lubricating oils suspended in a gel-like carrier solution. This unique formula is designed to break down light accumulations of brake dust and grime in the gentlest way possible. Consequently, Auto Finesse Revolution is ideal for use on delicate rims (e.g. anodised, billet aluminium, chrome plated, stainless steel and other specialist finishes and substrates) and also in cases where sealed rims need to be cleaned regularly but without degrading the lifespan of the sealant. Auto Finesse Revolution comes supplied as a concentrate and must be diluted before use, either in a bucket (just like a shampoo) or a spray bottle/pressure sprayer.
For best results, use at a dilution rate of 800:1 (water:product), which equates to approximately 20 ml (three capfuls) in a PB Clear Wash Bucket or 2 ml (a third of a capful) in a MESTO 1.5 L CLEANER Pressure Sprayer. Simply add the correct amount of product to your bucket or sprayer tank and then fill it to the top with warm water, stirring it as you do so. The resulting solution should then be applied liberally and agitated gently using suitable brushes and/or a microfibre wash mitt (ideal choices for delicate rims are PB Luxury Wheel Woolies and/or a Microfiber Madness Incredimitt). This action will produce a rich lather, which will discolour as brake dust and road grime is progressively broken down. Accordingly, it is sensible to rinse out your brushes and/or wash mitt regularly during this process, otherwise there is risk of marring or even scratching your rims. The lather should then be rinsed away thoroughly with an open ended hose and the wheels then fully dried off before any rim protection or tyre dressing is applied.
pH:7 (neutral)
Dilutable:Yes (up to 800:1)
Agitation required:Yes
Strips sealants and waxes:No
Removes inorganic contaminants:Yes
Safe for all wheel types:Yes
Cleaning strength:Cleaning strength 2/5
Revolution - 500 ml
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