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Auto Finesse Pad Prime

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Auto Finesse Pad Prime is a thin lubricating oil that prevents dry buffing, extends the working time of aggressive compounds and helps finishing polishes to break down more easily, particularly on soft paint finishes. Furthermore, Auto Finesse Pad Prime also comes in handy when panel temperatures are high, as it prevents products from flashing off too quickly. Although you may not need to use it all of the time, it's nevertheless well worth keeping in your machine polishing kit bag.
Auto Finesse Pad Prime is a thin lubricating oil that prevents dry buffing when you are breaking in fresh machine polishing pads. This can help to extend pad life and also reduce the amount of polish you need to use. It also helps to negate the impact of extremes of heat and cold on the polishing process, and also enables sticky silicone-affected surfaces to be polished with relative ease. Auto Finesse Pad Prime is user friendly and compatible with most water-based polishes.
Auto Finesse Pad Prime is designed to be used sparingly (only a light mist is required per section to be polished) and usually only on fresh pads and in situations where paint feels sticky or grabby. For best results, lightly mist the centre of your pad and then place it on the panel to be polished and run your machine for a few seconds at low speed; this will spread the oil evenly over the face of the pad. Finally, add your polish to the pad and start polishing.
Suitable for hand use:No
Suitable for dual action polishers:Yes
Suitable for rotary polishers:Yes
Pad Prime - 250 ml
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