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Auto Finesse Illusion

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New for spring 2013, Auto Finesse Illusion represents the first break from the norm in the Auto Finesse wax line up. Hitherto, you could line up all of the waxes in the range in increasing price order and find that this mapped perfectly onto both increasing durability and, to a lesser extent, increasing aesthetic quality (although it's fair to say that even the entry level Temptation delivers nothing short of an excellent finish). Illusion breaks this pattern by offering even better looks than the flagship product Desire, but with only half its durability, and for just under two thirds of its price. Thus, it is the perfect wax for detailers who prioritise looks over durability.

Aesthetically, Auto Finesse Illusion is the best wax we've ever used. If you apply it to a car already treated with the flagship product Desire, the improvement in gloss and depth is immediately apparent (this is a significant point, given how good Desire is). And in addition to more gloss and depth, which adds up to a more glass-like appearance, it is also immediately obvious that Illusion enhances paint colour significantly, with lighter coloured cars becoming brighter looking and darker coloured cars becoming a shade richer looking. None of this should come as a surprise, given what Auto Finesse bring to the marketplace. The bar has been raised!
Auto Finesse Illusion is a new out and out show car wax in the Auto Finesse wax portfolio, and is suitable for all paint types and colours. Packed with pure Brazilian No.1 carnauba, essential oils and cutting edge optical brighteners, this wax produces an insanely rich, streak-free, high gloss finish with excellent water beading characteristics. Developed to lay waste to the competition and win best of show awards, Illusion is the perfect wax for anyone who puts looks first and durability second. That said, you can still expect a minimum lifespan of two to three months per application, so it's equally well suited for use on much loved daily drivers too.
Auto Finesse Illusion should only be applied by hand. For best results, it should be applied to freshly cleansed paint two to three panels at a time and as thinly and evenly as possible using an Auto Finesse Waxmate XL. The resulting film should then be buffed off within a few minutes of application using a PB Deluxe Buffing Towel; there is no need to allow it to dry fully before it is removed. However, if you wish, you can apply Illusion to the whole car before buffing it off. Unlike some premium waxes, it remains relatively easy to buff off once dry.
Adds protection:Yes
Application method:By hand only
Reflectivity:Reflectivity 5/5
Glossiness:Glossiness 5/5
Richness:Richness 5/5
Flake pop:Flake pop 5/5
Slickness:Slickness 5/5
Beading:Beading 5/5
Durability:2 months +
Recommended for:All finishes
Illusion - 150 g
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