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Auto Finesse Handi Scrubi Pad

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The Auto Finesse Handi Scrubi Pad is designed to be used in conjunction with the Auto Finesse Handi Puck, and is ideal for agitating multi-purpose cleaners on fabric and vinyl surfaces, inside and out. We recommend using it in conjunction with Auto Finesse Total or Auto Finesse Verso for best results.
The Auto Finesse Handi Scrubi Pad comprises a medium density polyurethane foam with a thermally reticulated open cell structure and a hook and loop backing. The density and structure of this pad give it a slightly coarse texture, which makes it ideal for scrubbing duties on fabric and vinyl surfaces.
Always push your Auto Finesse Handi Scrubi Pad firmly onto your Auto Finesse Handi Puck, so as to ensure that the hook and loop fastening materials form a solid bond. If you use an alternative pad holder or backing plate, always ensure that your Auto Finesse Handi Scrubi Pad protrudes past the edge of the holder or backing plate, never the other way around.
Construction:Polyurethane foam
Dimensions: 80 mm x 25 mm
Handi Scrubi Pad
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