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Auto Finesse Glide

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Auto Finesse Glide is the perfect partner for use with Auto Finesse Clay, as its incredibly slippery formula significantly lessens the risk of inflicting surface marring and makes the whole claying process virtually effortless. Also worth mentioning is that unlike many quick detailing sprays that double up as clay bar lubricants, Auto Finesse Glide does not contain gloss enhancing oils or protective polymers, meaning that your paint will remain perfectly bare in readiness for polishing or the addition of protection.
Auto Finesse Glide is designed to work effectively with all clay bars regardless of their grade or texture. It creates a very thin low-friction barrier layer between the paint and the clay that greatly lessens the risk of inflicting surface marring during the decontamination process. Moreover, unlike some quick detailers that double up as clay bar lubricants, Auto Finesse Glide will not break down or otherwise degrade the clay bar being used.
For best results, we recommend using Auto Finesse Glide in conjunction with Auto Finesse Clay, although other makes of clay bar may also be used too. Although claying is a relatively straightforward process, there are various important practical points to consider that are too numerous and involved to go into in detail about here. Therefore, if you require more detailed information about clay bars and how to use them safely and effectively, please take the time to read our illustrated guide linked in the menu above.
Enhances gloss:No
Adds protection:No
Suitable as a clay lubricant:Yes
Glide - 500 ml
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