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Auto Finesse Clay

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Auto Finesse Clay is a chunky fine-grade, smooth-textured clay bar that is easy to use and offers great value for money. Its mild abrasive strength makes it ideal for less demanding decontamination duties and for use on cars that are pampered regularly. As long as you use it with a suitable clay bar lubricant it's unlikely to cause any surface marring, even in novice hands.
Auto Finesse Clay comprises a large fine-grade, smooth-textured clay bar that is safe for use on all painted and glass surfaces when used in conjunction with a suitable clay bar lubricant. Auto Finesse Clay has a low level of abrasive strength that makes it moderately effective at abrading away stubbornly bonded surface contaminants, which leaves treated surfaces feeling silky smooth.
For best results, we recommend using Auto Finesse Clay in conjunction with Auto Finesse Glide, although other suitable clay lubricants may also be used. Although claying is a relatively straightforward process, there are various important practical points to consider that are too numerous and involved to go into in detail about here. Therefore, if you require more detailed information about clay bars and how to use them safely and effectively, please take the time to read our illustrated guide linked in the menu above.
Strips sealants and waxes:Yes - Partially (partially)
Removes organic contaminants:Yes
Removes inorganic contaminants:Yes
Abrasive strength:Abrasive strength 1/5
Net weight:200 g
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