Auto Finesse Citrus Power

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Auto Finesse Citrus Power uses a strong citrus-based formula to cut through bug splatter and grime with ease. In almost all cases a single application will enable every last speckle of dirt to be fully removed, leaving all surfaces looking like new. Given its natural ingredients, Auto Finesse Citrus Power is an excellent choice of product for tough exterior cleaning duties in situations where product-friendliness is paramount. In addition, it doesn't strip waxes or sealants either, which sets it apart from its rivals and gives it a unique selling point.
Auto Finesse Citrus Power combines an advanced detergent with a strong citrus solvent to give powerful fast-acting cleaning power, making it ideal for removing tough deposits of grime that ordinary cleaning products cannot shift. You will be amazed at how quickly and effectively the citrus solvent cuts through bug splatter, even though it is environmentally friendly. Fast acting and safe for use on all painted, plastic, vinyl, rubber and metal surfaces, Auto Finesse Citrus Power rinses away easily to leave such surfaces streak and spot free.
Auto Finesse Citrus Power comes pre-diluted to the correct strength for safe use on all exterior automotive surfaces, and should thus be used neat. For best results, spray on Auto Finesse Citrus Power liberally and either leave it to dwell or agitate thoroughly using suitable detailing brushes. This will produce a slightly foamy lather, which will discolour as grease and grime is progressively released. The lather should then be rinsed away at low pressure and all surfaces then dried fully before any protective products or dressings are applied.
pH13 (alkaline)
Agitation required:Yes
Strips sealants and waxes:No
Intensive cleaning action:Yes

Auto Finesse

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