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3M Sun Gun II

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Lighting is a frequent topic of conversation on detailing forums, and it's fair to say that our understanding of it and how best to use it has evolved considerably over the last decade. In the past many professional detailers relied upon site lights when conducting correction work, but these generated unwanted heat and failed to show up a lot of defects as a result of having an artificial colour temperature. As time passed, detailers began trying out alternative options and a hand held light developed by 3M for colour checking purposes in bodyshops began to attract attention. Our own early tests with this device, termed the 3M Sun Gun, highlighted paint defects more clearly than ever before and opened up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of defect identification and correction. Indeed, it is fair to say that the 3M Sun Gun is largely responsible for the extremely high standards we work to today. However, in line with their company philosophy, 3M have now seen fit to take a great product and make it even better. The 3M Sun Gun II improves upon the original model in numerous ways: (i) it features an improved battery that charges faster and runs for 30% longer; (ii) it features a brighter, wider beam that shows up more defects than before, and; (iii) it's made of stronger materials that offer greater impact resistance. The best just got better!
The 3M Sun Gun II is an extremely powerful hand held torch that makes defect spotting in overcast conditions or indoor settings extremely easy. The patented 50W halogen bulb outputs up to 1100 lumens of fully daylight balanced light (Colour Rendering Index > 99%) and features two modes of operation; standard (approximately 1450 lux with the diffuser fitted) and turbo (approximately 2900 lux with the diffuser fitted). The 3M Sun Gun II is powered by a 12V rechargeable NiMH battery housed in the base of the handle; an internal cut out switch limits the length of time the bulb remains lit after being switched on to around 60 seconds, so as to preserve battery life and prevent overheating (the temperature of the bulb is also regulated by an internal fan). A fully charged battery will easily enable up to 8 hours of intermittent operation in standard mode, and charging takes between 2 - 4 hours using the supplied battery charger. Each 3M Sun Gun II comes supplied in a sturdy cardboard storage case along with a 12V rechargeable NiMH battery, a 230 v AC mains battery charger, an instruction manual and a one year return to base warranty.
Use the high power mode to ruthlessly test your correction work, or the low power mode for general defect spotting. Recharge the internal 12 v NiMH battery as and when required (but only when it becomes fully discharged) using the supplied 230 v AC mains battery charger. Always connect the battery charger to the power supply first and check that the LED indicator remains unlit as you switch the power on. Then insert the battery into the charger, making sure that the LED indicator turns red as you do so, and leave the battery to charge until the LED indicator turns green (indicating that the battery is fully charged). This usually takes around 8 hours the first time out (i.e. from new), but then only 2-4 hours each time thereafter (from a fully discharged state). If you detail professionally you may find it useful to purchase a spare battery and rotate them during use so as to ensure you never run out of light at an inconvenient moment. If the LED indicator on the battery charger ever starts flashing from red to green please consult the trouble shooting guide in the supplied instruction manual, as this indicates that a battery fault has occurred.
CE approved:Yes
Voltage:12 v
Net weight:1.1 kg
Bulb rating:50 w
Light output:1450 - 2900 lux
Daylight balanced:Yes
Sun Gun II
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