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3M Rotary Backing Plates

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When you really begin to get into polishing with a rotary machine polisher, you'll discover that the type of backing plate you use makes a tremendous amount of difference to the polishing process in terms of comfort and control. Because both of these factors have a heavy bearing on safety and the quality of the final result, we would always recommend using flexible backing plates, as they provide far more feel for what is happening between your pad and the paint than their fully rigid counterparts.
3M Rotary Backing Plates are constructed from impact resistant synthetic nylon bonded to a thick layer of soft cellular rubber, and are ideal for use with M14 threaded rotary machine polishers such as the FLEX PE 14-2 150. The flexible design allows for easy transitioning from flat panels onto curves, which helps to prevent excessive heat build-up, while the hook and loop fastening material enables quick and easy pad exchanges.
General usage notes: (i) always switch off your machine at the mains before fitting or removing a backing plate; (ii) always ensure that you tighten the backing plate sufficiently, but without over tightening it a half turn after it first pinches tight on the spindle is usually sufficient for safe and effective use, and; (iii) always use an appropriate sized backing plate for the pad you are using the pad should always protrude past the edge of the backing plate, never the other way around.
Construction:Impact resistant nylon, cellular rubber
Dimensions: 125 mm x 20 mm
Thread size:M14
Flexibility:Flexibility 4/5
Suitable for rotary polishers:Yes
Rotary Backing Plate - 125 mm
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