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3M High Performance Masking Tape

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3M High Performance Masking Tape - Multipack
Masking off trims properly prior to polishing by machine or applying products that may stain or mark such surfaces makes a lot of sense, and actually saves time over the course of a detail as a subsequent trim clean-up process is not needed. We go through rolls and rolls of 3M High Performance Masking Tape in our studio, and consider it an essential part of doing our work properly. 3M High Performance Masking tape also has a multitude of other uses too; we frequently use it to de-lint fabric convertible tops and de-fluff fabric seats, and it's also great for temporarily labelling diluted solutions in Atomiza Generic Bottles too.
3M High Performance Masking Tape should not be confused with the stickier general purpose blue masking tapes that are sold in many DIY stores; 3M High Performance Masking Tape is made specifically for masking up vehicles in professional bodyshops, and is used worldwide in this role. Featuring an exceptionally water-resistant, low-tack, rubber-derived adhesive, this paper-based tape does not lift when lightly wetted and, unlike the stickier general purpose tapes mentioned above, leaves no adhesive residue behind on exterior vehicle surfaces once removed.
3M High Performance Masking Tape is safe for all automotive surfaces, even when left in place for days on end. The only time extra care must be taken is when working on older, more fragile paint surfaces where some degree of clearcoat failure is already evident. In such cases, it is worth reducing the tackiness of the tape before use by sticking it to your clothes once and then unpeeling it; the pick-up of loose fibres will reduce the overall level of tackiness quite effectively.
Dimensions:25 mm x 50 m
High Performance Masking Tape
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